About 454

Revolutionizing genomics, one cost-effective sequencer at a time.

At the core of our mission, you’ll find a passionate group of engineers and scientists committed to reshaping the world of genomics. With our collective expertise, born from years of unwavering dedication to research and development, we are working tirelessly to develop an ultra-low-cost DNA sequencing machine. Our driving force is the belief that affordable genomics has the potential to transform healthcare, and beyond. Together, we aspire to bring the power of genetic information to everyone, making it not just a privilege, but an essential resource for all.

Leadership and Advisors

Jonathan Rothberg, PhD


Antoine Van Oijen, PhD

Single Molecule Biophysics, advisor

Andrew Griffith, PhD

Droplet Microfluidics, advisor

The Team

Jinchun Wang, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

Wolfgang Hinz, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

David Honeybun

Head of Mechanical Engineering

Mel Davey

Software Engineering Consultant

Yujing Song, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

Kirsten Famiglietti, MHS

Research Scientist

Albert Armea

Software and Electrical Engineering Consultant