Navigating 454 Bio Open Source Documentation

We’ve assembled everything needed to build your very own LED-TIRF Transformer, make sequencing consumables, prepare a DNA library, and sequence that library on your Transformer in this Documentation page.

Begin by navigating through the Build and Make Consumables documentation. Here you will find CAD and parts lists to build your Transformer, materials and reagents to make sequencing reaction buffer, protocols for preparing sequencing substrates, and much more. Once the hardware, electronics, and instrument software are complete, you can begin testing your system by simply imaging a prepared sequencing reservoir.

The real excitement starts when you get to sequence a DNA library. We’ve provided the backbone of your library molecule so you can easily order a pool of diverse DNA templates to sequence and assess the performance of your Transformer. Follow the protocols outlined in the Sequencing documentation to get started.

Once sequencing is complete, proceed to the Analyze documentation to transform your raw images into quality scored, de-phased DNA sequence aligned to your reference sequence.

Navigating 454 Bio Open Source Content

Build your sequencer

Build your sequencer

Make consumables and reagents

Make consumables

Start sequencing

Sequencing guide

Analysis software

This section outlines the data analysis pipeline for the “One pot” Lightning Terminators™ (LT)