Reservoir assembly station

Makes reservoir assembly possible


Quantity Part Number Supplier Link Description
1x VR09F18 Venturi Pump for vacuum to hold slide down during assembly
1x MHL-3 Smooth pneumatic valve to turn on air flow to venturi pump.
1x 9262K421 McMaster Oil-Resistant Buna-N O-Ring O-ring to provide vacuum seal to bottom of reservoir part.
1x 5779K652 McMaster Push-to-Connect Tube Fitting for Air Fitting to back of base.
2x 7397N18 McMaster Universal-Thread Push-to-Connect Tube Fittings Fittings to the venturi pump.
Some length 9446K241 McMaster Firm PVC Plastic Tubing for Air and Water Tubing to connect venturi to valve and base fitting.
2x 91292A192 McMaster 18-8 Stainless Steel Socket Head Screw Two screws to bolt down the fixture to base (front two)
2x 91292A193 McMaster 18-8 Stainless Steel Socket Head Screw Longer screws for the back two holes.
1x Machined part – Reservoir Assembly Jig Vacuum base hardware This part is machined from a suitable plastic material.
1x 3D printed part – Reservoir Centering Fixture hardware This part is 3D printed from suitable materials.

Vacuum base

Centering fixture

The assembly station is constructed on a solid heavy base to prevent movement during assembly.  The design above is just a typical example and requires 4 appropriately spaced M5 tapped holes.


Place the Reservoir Assembly Jig Vacuum base on the heavy base and secure with two M5 screws (91292A192).

Place the 3D printed Reservoir Centering Fixture on top of the Vacuum base and secure it with two M5 screws (91292A193).

Screw the push-to-connect elbow fitting (5779K652) into the back port (1/8 NPT).

Hook up the venturi pump with and appropriately valved air valve and place the O-ring in the center of the Vacuum Jig base (9262K421).

The system is ready to be used for the assembly of the reservoirs.