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The Sequencing Reservoir is composed of a quartz sequencing substrate, a top reservoir piece, and bottom reservoir piece. The top and bottom pieces are made of polycarbonate with an over-molded TPE gasket that comes into contact with the quartz sequencing substrate. The bottom gasket allows the objective lens and camera sensor to capture images of sequencing in real-time as Lightning Terminators™ are incorporated on the top side of the sequencing substrate. The top piece of the sequencing reservoir forms the sequencing reaction vessel, and the top gasket seals the sequencing substrate to prevent leaks. The area bounded by the top gasket is covered in surface-bound forward and reverse primers. There is no exchange of fluid or cycling required for our truly one pot sequencing.

Sequencing substrate preparation

Substrate preparation

Reservoir assembly station

Makes reservoir assembly possible

Sequencing reservoir assembly

Reservoir Assembly

Linear DISCS preparation

DISCS Preparation

One pot sequencing buffer

Sequencing buffer