Laboratory Stand

Laboratory Stand Guide

We use a simple laboratory stand that the Transformer is assembled on without skins or covers.

Assembled lab stand


The following 3D printed and/or machined parts are available in our hardware repository .

Lab stand base (3D printed)

Lab stand plate (machined Delrin)

Quantity Description McMaster Part Number
4 Adhesive-Back Bumpers 95495K24
4 18-8 Stainless Steel Hex Drive Flat Head Screw 92125A212
2 Button Head Hex Drive Screw 92095A212


Tap the 3D printed base with M5 tap for the 4 flat head screws.  Attach the adhesive-back bumpers to the underside of the base and attached the lab stand plate with 4 flat head screws.  The assembled system is then attached to the lab stand with the two button head hex drive screws.