Personal Genomics is like the internet in the 90s

Turnaround time is slow

Sequencing requires expertise and resources

Hardware is expensive

Use cases are limited


A device that anyone can use, anywhere, opening up access to sequencing technology anywhere around the world. We start this evolution with the 454 Bio.

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Low cost Device

Affordable for labs and research institutions of any size.

Easy to Use Kits

Customizable pods available for subsequent runs.

The 454 Bio

Results without Expertise

Simply load and start the machine to get results.

Seamless Data Transfer

Easy to use data tools and sync with other devices.

What Are the Advantages of Decentralized, On-Site Sequencing Compared to Sequencing at a Centralized, Remote Laboratory?

Immediate results

Results available in less than 1 hour VS days/weeks

Frequent Testing

Makes frequent at-home testing possible


Sequence anywhere and build network effects

Ultimate Privacy

Sample stays with the patient/consumer

Our Team and Founding Advisors

Jonathan Rothberg, PhD


Michael Metzker, PhD


Antoine Van Oijen, PhD

Single Molecule Biophysics, advisor

Andrew Griffith, PhD

Droplet Microfluidics, advisor

454 Bio is The 9th Startup In
the 4Catalyzer Family

About Us


First Next-Gen DNA Sequencing

  • First semiconductor chip for DNA sequencing
  • Awarded Presedintial Medal of Technology & Innovation in 2016



  • First ultrasound on chip
  • First portable MRI
  • First semiconductor chip for single moledule proteomics and protein sequencing
  • 8 C Corps, 750+ employees



  • Quantum Si ($QSI) on NASDAQ
  • Hyperfine + Liminal ($HYPR) on NASDAQ
  • Butterfly Network ($BFLY) on NYSE

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At 454 Bio our mission is to push forward scientific discovery and spread access to diagnostic technology. If you'd like to join our team, we look forward to hearing from you.

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